Machine Knitting

These are some of my machine knitted pieces which have been made with lovely, soft lamb’s wool. The first photograph in my gallery shows one of my long flower hangings. This piece was selected to be exhibited at The British Inspiration Awards in London, in April 2011, to celebrate new British artistic talent. This was an incredible opportunity for me to show one of my favourite pieces and to be chosen to showcase my work at such a big event.

This gallery here show’s my machine knitted tree cushions, which were exhibited at a shop and art gallery called For Every Cloud in Somerset, in December 2013. This event was a resounding success in which I sold five of my cushions to happy members of the public.

 Sensory Arts Project

This gallery of photographs are from a sensory arts project I took part in at The Three Ways School in Bath. The aim of the project was to work towards an exhibition in the schools sensory studio and make textile art pieces with the children’s chosen materials.

 As part of the project I also helped run art and craft workshops at the school that included music, collage and felt making.

The sensory studio at the school was a fantastic place to be and catered for a range of children’s needs. The studio had a collection of UV lights projected all over the room, photographs moving along the walls and large speakers with interesting sounds to accompany a lesson or exhibition. So when making my pieces I had to think about these areas of the room and use them to my advantage.

My time at the school involved lots of one-to-one work with a child with complex special needs. A number of sessions we had together involved the child choosing their favourite materials. This allowed me to make textile art pieces for the exhibition with these chosen materials. The child I worked alongside chose some stimulating materials which included long strips of orange plastic, old video tape strands and rainbow plastic sheets.

These were unique and unusual materials that I had never worked with before which made the project even more exciting! This inspired me to create a long, thin knitted hanging, with strips of orange plastic and three textured cushions made with rainbow plastic sheets and strands from the old video tapes.

My pieces were extremely successful, both at the exhibition and when the children came to visit my work during the week. This was a fantastic project at the school and one I found unbelievably rewarding. The most incredible part was watching the children play with my textile art pieces and how much enjoyment this gave them.

Sensory Arts Exhibition, February 2012

Global Warming Project

This gallery of photographs show a series of textile pieces relating to the effects of global warming. For this project I was heavily influenced by the BBC documentary Frozen Planet, narrated by the amazing David Attenborough. This series inspired me to create textile art pieces relating to climate change, focusing on the polar bears struggle for survival and the ice melting rapidly in the Artic and Antarctica.

Footage that showed the polar bears struggling to survive because of the rising sea levels had the strongest creative impact on my work, inspiring me to create machine knitted polar bears, ice patterns and other interesting prints based on what I saw in the documentary.

After making a number of textile pieces focusing on these issues, I then decided to conduct further research into what could be causing these problems within the natural world. I quickly discovered that power stations pumping out pollution into the atmosphere and heating up our planet was the main problem affecting the Arctic region. Consequently these power stations became part of my work, reflecting the cause behind the rapidly melting ice and the effect on the surrounding natural wilderness.

This inspired me to design patterns of power stations, which I later printed onto pieces of knitting. I deliberately didn’t cast off on many of my machine knitted pieces, allowing me to unravel the knitting and also parts of the prints. This technique was designed to represent the ice melting in the Arctic and the polar bears at huge risk.

This project was featured at Bath School of Art and Design degree show in July 2012.


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