How to use bondaweb for applique

Learn how to make your own applique house!

What you will need:

Bondaweb, scraps of fabric, colourful backing fabric, Molly’s Captivating Crafts free house templates, white cotton, sewing machine, fabric scissors, hand sewing needle, embroidery threads and one sequin.

Step 1 – Print Molly’s Captivating Crafts house patterns onto A4 paper and prepare your backing fabric.

Step 2 – Your bondaweb will have a smooth side and a rough side; use the smooth side to trace your pattern pieces. (Remember to trace three small windows and two large windows)

Step 3 – Cut around your shapes, roughly leaving a 1cm gap.

Step 4 – Using a hot iron, now gently press your bondaweb onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Step 5 – Cut around your shapes with fabric scissors.

Step 6 – Very carefully peel off the bondaweb paper from the back of your fabric.

Step 7 – Arrange your pattern pieces on your backing fabric, right sides facing up and iron on each individual piece.

Step 8 – Using a small zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, stitch around all the edges of your pattern pieces. (Remember not to zigzag backwards and forwards when you start sewing. This way you can leave the loose ends ready to be hand sewn in, so your piece looks neat and tidy)

Step 9 – Now sew in all your loose ends making a few stitches in the back of your fabric.

Step 10 – Using a needle and thread sew on your sequin to create your door handle.

Step 11 – Experiment with embroidery threads, building up the details in your picture.

Why not create smoke pouring from your chimney or make some textured grass for your front garden? It’s entirely up to you, now’s the chance to put your own personal stamp on your applique house.

Applique pictures can be framed, made into bags or even cushion covers, the possibilities are just endless!