Things to do in the school holidays: Make a three little pig’s house

Follow Molly’s Captivating Crafts step by step guide on how to make a house from wooden lolly sticks!

What you will need: 

Cereal box, PVA glue, Large pack of lolly sticks, 1 sheet of A4 white card, Brown paper, 1 cardboard toilet roll, Sellotape, Glue stick, Scissors, 1 large paintbrush, Molly’s Captivating Crafts free templates – available to print below.

Windows and Doors

Step 1 – Stand your cereal box up straight like this, so you can decorate the front and the back.

Cereal box

Step 2 – Cover your cereal box in PVA glue.

Cereal box with glue on top

Step 3 – Lay your wooden lolly sticks over the PVA glue and cover the front and back of your cereal box.

Cereal box with wooden lolly sticks

Step 4 – Leave to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 5 – Whilst your glue is drying cut out your windows, doors and three little pig characters with scissors.

Cutting out windows

Cutting Out Pigs

Step 6 – Stick your individual pig faces onto your lolly sticks.

Step 7 – Stick your windows and doors onto your wooden house.

Step 8 – Cut out two triangles from cardboard, these triangles must be large enough to fit at the top of your cereal box.

Step 9 – Cover your two triangles with glue and cover with brown stripes of paper.

Step 10 – Whilst this is drying cover your toilet roll with a thin layer of glue and cover with small strips of brown paper, creating your chimney!

Step 11 – When your chimney is dry, Sellotape this to the left hand side of your box.

Step 12 – Attach your triangle roof to the top of your house; sticking the back flap with Sellotape to the inside of the box.

You now have your three little pig’s house made from wood!
But don’t worry there’s no big bad wolf nearby, phew!

Artist Tips:
You could also cover your cereal box with straw or use brick designs instead of using wooden lolly sticks!

Why not make all three little pigs their own house?

Have you completed your little pig’s house? If so, I’d love to know how you’ve got on. Let me know in the comments section below.


Kids Sewing Workshops: Fun Activities in Bath

As part of Molly’s Captivating Crafts I wanted to make a collection of pieces to teach in my children’s workshops throughout 2014. I have always loved animals and soft cuddly toys as a child and even now as an adult! This love of animal characters inspired me to create a number of animal cushions.

My animal cushions have all been made with pieces of felt and a selection of colourful embroidery threads. 

Whilst planning my children’s workshops I thought long and hard about the best materials to use, which textile technique to teach, and what I could do to make each session fun and engaging. I thought felt would be a fantastic material to use when working alongside children, as it comes in a variety of bright colours and does not fray!

My animals start as ruff pencil drawings which are then transformed into detailed animal patterns and individual characters!

My Website and Logo Design

In November 2013 I felt inspired to create Molly’s Captivating Crafts, teaching workshops and selling a collection of handmade gifts. I wanted to launch in March 2014, so I had lots of hard work to do to make sure everything was finished in time, and first up was the design of my website closely followed by the logo.

At first I felt the prospect of creating my own website was impossible! But WordPress is a fantastic tool, and after watching lots of handy tutorials I started to feel more comfortable creating menus, new pages and uploading photographs of my work. I played around with a number of formats and templates to have as a background for my work, eventually choosing a simple white theme.

White Theme

I also wanted to create a fun logo design to represent Molly’s Captivating Crafts. I started by making a few pencil drawings of flowers and birds which were in my opinion pretty awful and scrappy! After lots of hard work, stress and experimentation I discovered a helpful logo maker online that was affordable and easy to use. I worked on my design for over three months, changing the text, colours and shapes until it was finally finished. I am really happy with the end result and hope everyone reading this mini blog loves it too!

Molly's Captivating Crafts Logo Design Logo Design